HSP How To: High Sensitivity or Autism Spectrum

HSP How To: High Sensitivity or Autism Spectrum

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What’s the difference? There are big differences and also big overlaps. We overlap at the “O” in D.O.E.S. (Check out DOES at https://www.alanefreund.com/highly-sensitive-people-faq/). That “O” is overarousal that comes from becoming overwhelmed and overstimulated. But to be an HSP, you need all four of D.O.E.S.

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Meet Alane Freund, LMFT, International Consultant on High Sensitivity

Consultant, therapist, and speaker on highly sensitive people, Alane Freund, MS, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has helped adults, youth, and families focus on solutions through psychotherapy and consultation for over three decades. An International Consultant on High Sensitivity (ICHS), Ms. Freund develops and implements programs for highly sensitive people, youth, and families, as well as the clinicians who serve them. She holds Masters’ degrees in both clinical psychology and school counseling and is the parent of a highly sensitive young adult. Ms. Freund’s Talk at Google, Understanding the Highly Sensitive Person, is a widely recognized resource. In addition to her YouTube channel, Alane Freund LMFT, she hosts the twice monthly “Are You Highly Sensitive LIVE” membership workshops. Her unique programs include HSPs & Horses™ and online Sensitivity Circles: Parenting Sensitivity, Sensitive Youth, Wise Women & Wonder, HSProfessionals, HSPs in Relationships, and HSMen. Alane offers team building, educational workshops, and equine-assisted learning retreats at Heart and Mind Equine in California and across the globe. She can be reached for consultation or speaking through her website, alanefreund.com.
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