Being A "HSP" (Highly Sensitive Person) & A "HSA" (Highly Sensitive Artist)

Being A "HSP" (Highly Sensitive Person) & A "HSA" (Highly Sensitive Artist)

Found this fabulous post on IG today

and it lead me to tonight’s topic! Here are some of the traits listed of “Highly Sensitive People” and I felt it was pretty spot on as someone who has been told I’m incredibly conscience practically on all my report cards and my whole life, haha.

This video is a “Yes, and…” to the points listed and how they might relate to the other sensitive artists around you or if you are one yourself.

The point is to DESTIGMATIZE the idea of how sensitivity makes us weak when it can be a strength in our life and our art.

Please watch to get a better understanding of those in your life that exhibit these qualities, because maybe it will help you better understand them or relate to them. If you are a person that relates to these, then how can you find strength in your sensitivities and also challenge the areas of them that are holding you back in your life and art?

Enjoy! Comment below on more insights! Thanks!