【The First Take】A Whole New World w/ Daniel Coz【T.Rese】

【The First Take】A Whole New World w/ Daniel Coz【T.Rese】

– R E A D M E –
Happy New Year! Throughout 2021, I have been asked on whether I would consider singing Disney songs and YEAH FAM, I WOULD. I always loved Daniel Coz’s Disney duets in middle school so now that I have a mic, I wanted to give it a shot. Plus A Whole New World is an amazing classic. I also wanted to try and be more comfortable with my live vocals this year so my vocals were sung in one take. I only added some basic mix things and stuff so here it is! I aspire to become a better vocalist in 2022 so Sunflowers, please look after me in 2022~!
Sincerely, T.RESE

– C R E D I T S –
✿ Song: A Whole New World from #Aladdin
✿ Vocals: T.Rese
✿ Vocals, Original Video: Daniel Coz

A WHOLE NEW WORLD ALADDIN Part (Male Part) | Daniel Coz

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