🏥《🏹🍁🌡️💣⚕️💌🌑》Lollies no more~1型糖尿病を苦しめになって🏥

🏥《🏹🍁🌡️💣⚕️💌🌑》Lollies no more~1型糖尿病を苦しめになって🏥

Please read the benefits document for the benefits included.


“What do the 《emojis》 mean” please refer to this document as there are going to be some changes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kmRTC2gFYlj6VQtTFR57gvLc4GCJQ0DIcjGj8lotOG4/edit?usp=sharing

What I’m working on and their progress:

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My subliminals:

-You/your/you’re + I/my/me/I am affirmations.
-Unisex (unless otherwise stated)
-Only desired results
-Can be reversed
-Are able to be downloaded and bundled
-Can be listened with other subliminals
-In English (unless otherwise stated

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