Why You May Be Tired as an HSP and What to Do About It

Why You May Be Tired as an HSP and What to Do About It

My first radical act of listening to my body came in grade school. I pretended to be sick so I could stay home from school for the day.

Now looking back on it, I can see I was a wiped out HSP who needed a break. The world said I needed to go, but I knew I needed to stop.

As adults, our work, school and family obligations are a lot more complicated and you may feel like the idea of taking a day off because you’re wiped out is just as bold as playing hooky as a 7-year-old.

There’s huge pressure to be hustling 100 miles an hour.

But as a highly sensitive person, when I’m bypassing my body’s fatigue, I’m absent-minded, easily overstimulated, noise sensitive and jumpy.

My sugar cravings go up since lacking energy can show up as sugar cravings. And eating sugar is more likely to lead to a blood sugar crash later, which makes me hangry and even more easily overstimulated.

I’m definitely the HSP that can’t drink caffeine to compensate for my low energy, although back in the day, I tried drinking green tea as a pick me up. But that left me anxious, jittery and more jumpy and also kept me from getting a good night’s sleep.

In this episode, I’m sharing some strategies you can build into your everyday life so you have a bit more space for rest.

And I’m also here to nudge you to think outside the norm about how you can set up your life so that you can enjoy your days more.

In the latest episode, you will learn…

-5 things that can drain HSPs of energy
-6 breaks to consider adding to your life and day
-3 gentle ways to uplevel your food choices to support energy during your day, including a doable way to eat less sugar
-How to build an aligned life to counteract burnout

I hope that this episode will give you permission to pause and recharge and release the pressure to be on the go constantly.