Power supply restored in Zhejiang, China, as Typhoon Chanthu weakened | 台风“灿树”减弱 中国浙江恢复供电

Power supply restored in Zhejiang, China, as Typhoon Chanthu weakened | 台风“灿树”减弱 中国浙江恢复供电

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East China’s Zhejiang Province saw electric power supply for over 280,000 affected households restored on Tuesday as a result of emergency repair, as Typhoon Chanthu weakened from a strong tropical cyclone.

Chanthu made its landfall on Monday in east China, affecting provincial-level regions including Shanghai, Zhejiang and Fujian. The strong wind brought by the typhoon caused damages to the power transmission system in many parts of Zhejiang, leaving some residents in power failure.

The local government quickly responded to the situation and deployed engineers and workers to repair the power damaged lines. power supply for all affected residents had been restored by 18:00 Tuesday.

In Zhejiang’s Shengsi County, strong wind brought by the typhoon damaged power facilities in Xiaoguan’ao Village on Monday. About 200 villagers were affected. Engineers and workers with the local power emergency repair team reinforced the loose utility poles and restored the powerlines as fast as possible. On Monday afternoon, power supply in Xiaoguan’ao Village fully recovered.

Ningbo City was also hit by strong wind and rainfall, as the typhoon pounded the province. In an industrial park of Ningbo, a fuse on a utility pole was broken on Monday due to the strong wind. The power restoration team rushed to the the scene and restored the power supply in just 40 minutes.

Power failure was also found at an irrigation and drainage station in Jiaxing City’s Yangcheng Village. Engineers and workers were deployed to the village and replace the transformer hit and damaged by lightning. After two hours of emergency repair, the station was able to reopen and the power supply for the nearby residents was restored.

Typhoon Chanthu weakened in the early hours of Tuesday, according to China’s Central Meteorological Observatory. The observatory issued a yellow alert for the typhoon, which is the third-most hazardous level.

由于台风 灿树 从强烈的热带气旋中减弱,中国东部浙江省周二通过紧急维修恢复了超过 280,000 户受影响家庭的电力供应。


当地政府迅速响应情况,部署工程师和工人修复受损的电力线路。所有受影响居民的供电已于周二 18:00 恢复。




根据中国中央气象台的数据,台风 灿树 在周二凌晨减弱。天文台对台风发出黄色警报,这是第三大危险级别。