【BGM】音楽で糖尿病を改善しよう、糖尿病のための音楽療法 リラックス スムージングミュージック リラックス 癒しの音楽 by Shiloh Relax Music

【BGM】音楽で糖尿病を改善しよう、糖尿病のための音楽療法 リラックス スムージングミュージック リラックス 癒しの音楽 by Shiloh Relax Music


1. 音楽は私たちの心に作用してから、思考や感情に変換されます。
2. 音楽は、脳の下位および上位の大脳センターに影響を与える。
3. 療法としての音楽の使用は、個人の調和を求めるのに役立つ。
4. 音楽療法は、心理的および心身症の治療において重要な手段である。
5. 音楽療法は、聴く人の神経に良い波動を刺激する。
6. 音楽は、個人に精神的な幸福感をもたらす。
7. 音楽療法は、心の中のゴミのような考えを取り除き、前向きな心を持つことにつながります。
8. 音楽療法は、子供の集中力を高めます。
9. 音楽は、計画を立てる能力を高めます。
10. 10.音楽トレーニングは、洗練された感情の表出や、認知の明瞭さにも役立ちます。



Music Therapy for Diabetes | Relaxing Smoothing Music | Relax Soothing Music by Shiloh Relax Music

Benefits Of Music Therapy:
1. Music acts on our mind before being transformed into thought and feeling.
2. Music influences the lower and higher cerebral centers of the brain.
3. Use of Music as a therapy helps search of an individual’s personal harmony.
4. Music therapy is an important tool in the treatment of both psychological and psychosomatic disorders.
5. Music Therapy stimulates good vibrations in the nerves of the listeners.
6. Music brings about a sense of mental well being in individuals.
7. Music Therapy helps to clear the junked thought in mind, which leads to have positive frame of mind.
8. Music Therapy enhances the concentration level of children.
9. Music improves the capacity of planning.
10. Music training helps to express refined exhibition of emotions and clarity in cognition too.

The present day negative stress leads to many physiological problems. It comes to surface by affecting the physiological functions of one or more organs either temporarily or permanently. Heart and Pancreas are the easily affected organs. In the Diabetic, the carbohydrate supply of the liver is low, due to deficient storage primarily as a consequence of lack of insulin. Because of that lack, sugar cannot pass from the blood into the liver and other cells that require it; thus blood sugar level is high. The sugar in the form of complex carbohydrate (glycogen), which is released into the blood stream on demand-the demand typically being the action of epinephrine. Classical music as a refined sound stimulates the Beta Cell activity in the organ and ensures normality over a period in all aspects. In emotional situations, blood sugar level is often affected. Classical music helps to present the quality of neurotransmitters-epinephrine in a subtle manner. Music plays a wonderful role in this aspect.

The selected ragas given in this album are very special with its effects with regard to its notes/swaras and the way it has been essayed.