【mew】"Saikai 再会" ║ LiSA x Uru x Ayase THE FIRST TAKE ║ Full ENGLISH Cover & Lyrics

【mew】"Saikai 再会" ║ LiSA x Uru x Ayase THE FIRST TAKE ║ Full ENGLISH Cover & Lyrics

This is our English cover of Saikai 再会 by LiSA x Uru (produced by Ayase of YOASOBI)!

Maaaaan I have been looking forward to this song so much since I saw the preview from THE FIRST TAKE! LiSA’s iconic powerful yet delicate vocals and Uru’s smooth, mystifying voice, I knew only something magical was coming (and it was)!

Big thank you to Eeveeon for joining me on this cover! I couldn’t have done it without her ♡ Check out her channel for more covers, cause she’ll eventually upload soon again, right? RIGHT?

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Song: Saikai 再会
Artist: LiSAxUru (produced by Ayase of YOASOBI)
Vocals / Mix / Lyrics / Video / Instrumental: supヽ(・v・)ノ 
FEATURING: Eeveeon (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH4Z3wUBmfAoH3EIF1XQUfA)

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You said “goodbye” and smiled as you walked off, away
And I smiled back, but something wasn’t right, I wasn’t okay
And suddenly, my tears welled, and it all turned to grey
All I could see was your face

How many times have I overcome this dreadful night
Every windowpane reflects so brightly that it all turns to white
The scenery of places I wished to go with you
Again, again, I wish this could be true…

Like falling snow, it piles up and covers everything
And here, I’m stuck thinking of you, can’t stop remembering
Though we’re far apart, I know our sky above’s the same
And I hope that you see it bright today

You said “goodbye” and all I could hear was your soft voice
Now I’m drowning in the echoes of the silence left in the noise
That faithful night when all of the world had turned away
I closed my eyes, so afraid

Trivial things made me so happy
And I’m always excited when you’re with me
All the regular days were never special
I just wanted to spend all of them next to you
Still, if the seasons come and then go
I would want to be by your side, oh I want nothing more
I don’t want to ever let this go

Like falling snow, it piles up and covers everything
No matter the distance, I’m thinking of you, remembering
You’re too far away for to me feel your touch again
Even so, I feel the same

Ahh, every single time
I remember that day I feel like crying
Your words, your voice, oh everything,
All I want is to see you once again
Every single time
If we trust in each other, we’ll be alright
We will be in each other’s hearts, it’s true

And in this town, with all the lights reflecting on the snow
Eventually, the spring will come and it will bloom and grow
When we finally come together and we meet once more
I will try to hold my tears just like before

The snow is melting and the winter’s coming to an end
I will put all my hopes and dreams into this moment and
No matter the season or the scene, when I am here with you
We will be, finally, so carefree, and you’ll be next to me

A gentle breeze is blowing softly through this tiny town
Someday, we’ll finally see the day when flowers bloom abound
And there’ll be a time when both of us can stay and wait
For the spring to finally come here once again
I hope we’ll smile the day we finally meet again