【mew】"Homura 炎 piano / the first take ver." ║ Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train OST ║ ENGLISH Cover

【mew】"Homura 炎 piano / the first take ver." ║ Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train OST ║ ENGLISH Cover

This is my English and piano cover (THE FIRST TAKE ver.) of Homura, the theme of the new Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba movie Mugen Train!

Aslkfsakfd, thank you guys so much for the kind words and support on our Homura cover! I really enjoyed singing that one Q_Q and then I heard LiSA’s THEFIRSTTAKE version and ohhh myyy goodness, chills. Like I said before, I hope one day I can be even 1/10th as good of a singer as she is. The piano background really hits differently and I really wanted to give it a shot – hope you enjoy! ♡

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Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer Covers:

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Song: Homura (Flame)
Artist: LiSA
Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer / 鬼滅の刃 / Blade of Demon Destruction
Vocals / Lyrics / Piano / Video: hiヽ(・v・)ノ
Image: 冬眠 (https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/75403375)

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Goodbye, it’s time, so thank you for your voice that stayed with me
Even though there’s pain, I’ll remember the things you taught me
As you move on, I’ll watch your back and I’ll understand
I know all your warmth and your sorrow will stay with me until the end

So we told ourselves to take another step and go on
We’ll make our own tomorrow and we’ll look to days beyond
And your voice calls to me
And your light’s shining bright
I can feel the burning heat in my heart now

On that fated day, when I had met you in the middle of this fiery road
We walked on together, but now it’s the time to let it go
Every time my dreams finally come to life, I will think of you and never forget
Those tears that I cried that night, wishing that I could be strong
But you left me the will to move on

I wish that I could stay in a nostalgic, peaceful dream
‘Cause this world is cruel and frightful, and I’m crying endlessly
As we grow up, there’s more we must protect and keep safe
I don’t want to lose anymore now, I can’t stand to see the pain

And if time and time again, I fall into despair and doubt,
I’ll no longer be able to feel sadness or get out…
But, your words reach to me
I can hear your wish today
I will fight and I’ll protect the ones dear to me!

And a sound is piercing through the air, breaking our world
Though it felt hopeless then, we can write our own end, so let’s move on…

And a wave of light rushes out to me, racing to embrace me in all its warmth
Like the sun, it’s shining so bright, then it disappears from sight
With the happiness that you gave to me, I will keep our promises and beyond
I won’t turn back again, I’ll take a step today
I’ll keep on moving forth and I’ll scream and shout my pain
I’ll light a fire in my heart until that day
And I’ll go, the future awaits