It’s Never the First Take 🎬

It’s Never the First Take 🎬

A quick look at our behind the scenes situation in a property video shoot. These are all the things that I face while shooting our real estate videos showcasing the properties. A lot of time there are people around making noise. The apartments and offices are occupied. The properties are shut for months gathering dust. The owners are neglecting the property such that we are unable to showcase them properly.

A lot of time we have to inform the property owners in advance to clean the property, remove the clutter and make the property clean and tidy to show it in a good condition, in its true beauty. The society does not give permissions. Despite that there is still a lot of work involved when we reach the site.

Shooting property videos in Mumbai with its traffic woes and hot humid weather is a task in itself. A lot of the properties do not have air conditioning, which means we sweat bollocks. Fans are either not working or are not there. The windows are jammed and even if the can be opened then we still have to face the hot and humid air blowing past our sweaty faces.

However, the joy of selling or renting the property after all the hard work is what I strive for. The reward is a tick mark of a property rented or sold, a satisfied client and a happy property owner. This is what matters at the end of the day.

This video is also a tribute to all those in the business of making movies, films, TV. It is an art made from the sweat of the soul of every person involved. It is deeply appreciated 🙏🏼

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