【ASMR】NEW DAISO Glue Clear Slime コスパ◎のダイソーの液体のりを使ったクリアスライム作り【音フェチ】

【ASMR】NEW DAISO Glue Clear Slime コスパ◎のダイソーの液体のりを使ったクリアスライム作り【音フェチ】


Hi guys 🙂
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My name is WANKOSOBA, and I’m a Japanese ASMRtist. (Btw, my name ‘WANKOSOBA” is derived from traditional type of Soba noodles in Japan!)
On my channel, I’m uploading various kinds of videos about ASMR.
Not only about slime or squishy toys, but also slime-making tutorials as well as my pet rabbit and hamster’s eating sounds!
I’m also making lots of slime of Japanese foods and culture!
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(Translated by my listener, Bell.)



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