Epik [新作] Daiso Valentine's 2020 Store Tour and Story Time ダイソーバレンタイン

Epik [新作] Daiso Valentine's 2020 Store Tour and Story Time ダイソーバレンタイン

Daiso Valentine’s goods 2020 and how Japan celebrates Valentine’s. Story Time.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in Japan?

In Japan, most girls give homemade chocolates and sweets to the men in their lives: boyfriends, colleagues and friends. “Tomo Choco” 友チョコ and “Giri Choco”義理チョコ are words you’ll hear around this time of the year.

Tomo Choco is short for “tomodachi chocolate”. These homemade (or store-bought) chocolates are given to men the girl considers a friend with whom she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for.

Giri Choco translates to “obligation chocolate” given to a girl’s co-workers, clients and acquaintances. These chocolates are mostly inexpensive as she doesn’t want to be misunderstood as a confession of her romantic feelings.

And finally, “honmei choco” 本命チョコ. These are the special chocolates given to the man the girl has true romantic feelings for. This can be seen as a “confession” of her love for him.

In return, exactly a month later, the men who received Valentine’s chocolates reciprocates the gift to the women who gave them to him. March 14th is popularly known as White Day. The men originally gave white gifts such as white marshmallows, white handkerchiefs, white accessories and so on. But nowadays, store-bought chocolates are also acceptable.

It’s important to note that if a guy received “honmei choco” on Valentine’s Day, he reciprocates a gift on White Day ONLY if he feels the same way towards her. And the gift is usually more expensive than just chocolates.

Valentine’s Day and White Day is a prime example of Japan’s gift-giving-back culture. On the other hand, it’s also a chance for women to express how they feel in a male-dominated culture.

Do you think this highly commercialized gender-specific holiday will soon become unpopular at a time of gender equality discussions and women empowerment?

In any case, gift-giving is supposed to be fun, and not just out of peer-pressure or obligation. It must always, always come from the heart.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country? Please leave a comment in the comment section down below. I’m curious to know.


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